Cold storage shouldn't be as difficult as cold fusion.

PiperWallet lets you easily generate public and private keys for cryptocurrencies. That's it. Just turn it on, pick a currency, and out pops your address. It's like giving birth to a delicate and beautiful cryptographically secure child.

From bits, ether, names and shibes, to everything in between, PiperWallet has you covered.

Who says you can't just print money?

PiperWallet doesn't just show you paper wallets, it gives them to you. With the PiperWallet Printer attached, any address can be printed at the touch of a button, ready to be imported in seconds. Long-lasting archival paper makes secure storage a breeze.

Scan, spend, and go.

Transparent, inside and out.

To be secure, we must also be open, hiding nothing up our sleeves. That's why PiperWallet isn't just open source, but sealed in a transparent plastic enclosure, designed for tamper resistance.

Everything is ephemeral - PiperWallet ensures that.

Unplug it, and it forgets everything you generated, leaving no traces behind.

If only everything in life could be forgotten so easily.

Shipping late 2019

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